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2018-11-17 Testimony to City Council - affordable housing at Fairlington Presbyterian Church [docx]

2018-11-01 Testimony to Planning Commission - affordable housing at Fairlington Presbyterian Church [docx]

2018-11-01 Letter to PC about neighbors concerns [docx]

2018-10-26 SHA Resolution opposed to Affordable Housing at Fairlington Presbyterian Church [docx]

2018-02 A petition for neighborhood representation on Affordable Housing Project [docx]

Fairlington Presbyterian Neighbor Informational Handout [docx]

Housing Plan 18-7459 Attachment Draft Citizen Summary FY 2019 Action Plan2 [pdf]

Nan's Notes

2018-11-17 Despite concerns that the Affordable Housing proposal at Fairlington Presbyterian Church was too big and the amount of open space too little (less than half of that required in that zone) both the Planning Commission and the City Council approved the project. Other proposals the church received would have fit-in with the surrounding neighborhoods but not brought them or the developers as much profit.

2018-06-14 Representatives from City staff-including Helen Mclivaine and Rob Kearns-provided an update on the planned Affordable Housing Concept for Fairlington Presbyterian Church. It calls for 83 apartment units, 4 stories high with mechanical equipment (AC/Heat) infrastructure on the roof. The principal objections from citizens are the dearth of parking, lack of citizen involvement in the planning process, the requirement for more City infrastructure (i.e. school capacity for the new residents), and traffic problems! A second "table talk" display on the project is scheduled for Monday 16 July from 6:30-7:30 pm at the Fairlington Church.





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